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A collection of inspirational and seasonal readings...
Dream Your Heart Out Journal
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With well-known hand-lettering artist Katy Fults from Katygirl Designs, the Dream Your Heart Out journal is filled with sweet surprises of popping color and bold phrases, and plenty of space to write and explore where God is leading you. On every page of this inspirational writing journal, you'll find the encouragement you need to...
Inspirational Kelly Rae Books
These heartfelt gifts by The Kelly Rae Roberts collection make an emotional connection. Kelly Rae Roberts believes that art heals (both the maker and the receiver of that art). She also believes that we are meant for the complicated journeys of brokenness and wholeness, vulnerability and courage, wisdom and silliness...
100 Pass-Along Promises
Know someone who could use an extra dose of encouragement? Based on bestselling author Holley Gerth's Promises from God for Life's Hard Moments, each page of 'Prayers to Share, 100 Pass-Along Bible Promises from God's Heart' is filled with heartfelt prayers, comforting Bible verses, and inspiring quotes. The pages make...
Hardcover Handpainted Journal
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Local artist Britt from Gentlybound has two versions of this hardcover journal. 1. "He Restores My Soul"2. "How Great Thou Art"
Hand Painted Paperback Journal
Handpainted paperback journals in your choice of "Cling to What is Good" or "Called + Chosen"
The gift of Motherhood
I promise… To come alive with joy when you enter the room. I want you to feel loved and celebrated. I promise… To encourage you to dream big and reach toward possibilities. I promise… To create, play,dance, and sing with you. Joyful creative abandon will be valued. I promise… To...
GB166 SC Doodle Devotions For Girls
Doodling, coloring, and journaling are some great ways to do that, and Doodle Devotions for Girls by Nancy Taylor fits the bill. Sixty devotions designed especially for teen girls will help your daughter, niece, or Sunday School student get deeper into her Bible in a way that's fun and creative!...
Custom Hand Painted Bibles
$75.00 $100.00
Handpainted ESV Bibles from GentlyBound's local artist. Choose from Be Still or How Great Thou Art hard covers
Less Hustle, More Jesus
Shanna Noel's journal version.You have a loving God who offers comfort, peace, and renewal even on your busiest days. Be refreshed and inspired as you reflect on God's promises in scripture exploring, creating and illustrating the beautiful truth of His word on every page of this inspirational journal by bible...
Walk by Faith Journal
Little Book of Easter Blessings
Easter time is filled with God's love The Easter season is bursting with fun--baskets full of goodies, hunts for colored eggs, and bright spring flowers. Take time to show your little one that the very best part of Easter is Jesus Through the classic Precious Moments(R) artwork, fun poems, and...
100 Encouraging Notes - Tough Times and Tough People
When our loved ones face difficult times, we want to help. But, in many situations, we don't know what to say or do. Written and hand lettered by Katy Fults from KatyGirl Designs, Prayers to Share: 100 Encouraging Notes for Tough Times & Tough People offers just the right sentiments...
100 Prayers To Share-Hope
Whether you know someone facing disappointments or just needing a little encouragement, Prayers to Share for Hope, 100 pass-along notes for a great way to remind others of the beauty of God's hope! Filled with inspiring quotes, meaningful Scriptures, heartfelt prayers, and beautiful artwork, these inspirational pass-along notes are a...
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