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A collection of inspirational and seasonal readings...
Gift Pocketful of Bible Promises
Pocketful Of Bible Promises For Godly Women, a devotional book, is a treasury of timely insights and timeless Bible promises for ladies of all ages. This paperback devotional book offers several promises from God's Word concerning attitude, courage, contentment, grace, perseverance, renewal, and more. A perfect gift for women for...
Gift Sunshine for the Soul Book
What a treasure to wake up every morning knowing that God loves you. He adores you, and He is going to be with you every hour, every minute, every second of the day ahead. This collection of down-home devotions invites you to soak in each new sunrise with heartwarming messages...
GIFT 365 Days to Knowing God For Girls
GIRLS - The Knowing God For Girls Devotional Paperback Edition will take tween girls on a year-long journey to better know God.  The softcover is decorated with a fun nature image that shows a blueish-green lake framed by pine trees in the foreground and a mountaintop in the background. The title are subtitles...
Gift Together Time
GIFT Putting an X Through Anxiety
Anxiety is dead...but it's still deadlyAnxiety may be the fear over your shoulder, the worry by your side or the dread hanging over your life. For many, it's a powerful giant that would like you to believe that your life will never be normal again. A giant that traps you...
Gift Praying the Names of God Box
Learn about the names of God from the Bible and what they all mean with the Praying The Names Of God Gift Book. Each page features a name of God, such as “God, Mighty Creator” and “The Good Shepherd,” along with a corresponding Bible verse and prayer. This prayer book makes an...
GIFT Bible Among the Myths
GIFT Conversation Starters
101 Conversation starters for Couples is the brainchild of marriage expert Gary Chapman, author of The 5 Love Languages, and Ramon Presson. These conversation starter cards are based on Christian values and can be enjoyed over dinner, on date night, or any time you would like to dig a little deeper. The double-sided...
GIFT Becoming - Wordsearch Book
It matters less what we're producing and more who we're becoming. It’s not easy to slow down and embrace the process of becoming who God has designed you to be. And figuring out who you really want to become isn’t something that just happens; it means growing intentionally and on...
GIFT Biscuits
Farm Fresh Devotion.  Filled with timeless Scripture, inspirational quotes, delightful recipes, and daily devotionals, this Biscuits, Butter and Blessings, Farm-Fresh Devotions of Hope & Comfort devotional gift book may bring a smile to your face or a tear to your eye. Whether you're sitting on your porch swing or snuggled up in...
GIFT 365 Days to Knowing God for Girls
The 365 Days to Knowing God for Girls Devotional (LuxLeather) offers girls a daily verse from God's Word, as well as a real-life translation and application that kids can understand and apply to their lives. The author includes a daily "ChallengePoint" - an action to work on. The LuxLeather edition features a...
GIFT 100 Days to Dream
You know those dreams you have hiding in your heart? God has placed them there like seeds, fully anticipating the day they'll bloom in full color in your life. If now seems like the perfect time to start dreaming your heart out, this uplifting devotional journal will quietly help weed...
GIFT 100 Pass Alongs- Grace
by Cleere Cherry 100 opportunities to encourage  Each tear out is a personal touch of God's grace and includes a prayer, corresponding Scripture, and inspirational quote Space on the back to write a personal message
GIFT 365 Days to Knowing God for Guys
GUYS - The Knowing God For Boys Devotional Paperback Edition is the perfect devotional for busy boys who can't sit still very long. The short devotions and practical life lessons will percolate in their minds and souls as they take on the challenges of skateboarding, bicycle riding, or any other adventure on their...
GIFT Big Prayers for Little Kids
Through charming rhyme and endearing illustrations, Big Prayers for Little Kids introduces children to eight attributes of God's character in an easy-to-understand and relatable way. By coming to see who God is, children will learn to trust in God as they discover how much He deeply loves and cares for...
BABY Gift Blessings for Baby
Read beautiful and comforting prayers over your most precious gift from God Features embroidery cloth cover and ribbon divider 55 pages of Scripture and prayers on every spread
GIFT My Utmost for His Highest
If you’re looking for a meaningful gift that will continue to inspire day after day, this My Utmost for His Highest classic-language gift edition is ideal. Each of the 366 thought-provoking, Scripture-based meditations from Oswald Chambers triggers something in readers’ souls that leaves them forever changed.Over the past century, Oswald Chambers’s writings...
GIFT 100 Be Still and Know P2S
Tear and share notebook Contains 100 pass-along notes Prewritten scripture verses, inspirational quotes and affirmations Serene and beautiful illustrations and print Faithful means of encouraging others and spreading God's love This tear and share notebook features 100 pass along notes in serene and lovely colors and beautiful designs. They each...
GIFT 5 Minute Bedtime
Sold Out
Make bedtime reading a delightful learning and faith-building experience for kids Features 12 beautifully illustrated Bible stories - 24 pages of fun rhymes Padded casebound board book; measures 4 5/8" x 6 1/4" x 1 5/8"
GIFT Wordsearch Presence
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Your childhood wordsearch book all grown up & pointing your heart towards Jesus Features wordsearches based on quotes and Scriptures Helps you meditate on inspirational words and enjoy God’s presence
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