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Classic Bangle

Classic Bangle



Broken musical string jewelry from Nashville, TN -  hand-crafted by survivors of addiction, human trafficking and domestic abuse

Our jewelry is made out of a variety of musical string that have all been donated to us. Our general answer is musical strings are made up of mixed metals, but we can assume the metal type based off of the color, but still 100% do not know. When you purchase strings brand new from the store they are marked with what they are made of. 

"Plain" strings are made of only one type of material (either nylon or steel) while, "Wound strings” are made by wrapping either steel or bronze around a "plain" string, which thickens the string. We do not have a style that uses Nylon String. All string we use is metal. 

Gold color = 80/20 Bronze

Made of 80% Copper and 20% Zinc

Rose Gold color = Phosphor bronze

Made of Copper with 8-10% tin and a small percentage of phosphorus with some variation between brands. 

Silver Color = Stainless steel or Nickel-plated Steel

Stainless steel

Since stainless steel’s formulation naturally resists corrosion, these strings are ideal for players who gig regularly or have sweaty fingers. Also makes for great jewelry!

Nickel-plated steel

Most electric guitar and bass strings are made with steel cores and nickel-plated steel wrap wire. If you are highly sensitive to nickel, purchase a Gold or Rose Gold option.  

All product is coated with a special Jewelry protectant that helps keep the metal from corrosion, rust, or oxidization. It also keeps the metal shiny and allows for them to easily be cleaned. Many of our items are plated in 14k Gold which endures greater quality and a longer lasting shine.
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